Top direct to consumer brands 'converting a quarter of prospects'

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by Josh Hall

The ten direct to consumer brands enjoying the widest consumer awareness in the UK are converting customers at an average rate of around 25 per cent.

New research from Rakuten Marketing explores the direct to consumer movement, tracking brand awareness and sales efficiency.

It found that SimplyCook, which tops its list of popular DTC brands, enjoys awareness amongst 50 per cent of all UK consumers. Furniture business, which comes second, recorded an awareness rate of 44 per cent, and Dollar Shave Club, in third place, 43 per cent.

According to Rakuten, the research also shows the efficiency of the DTC model when it comes to sales. On average, around 25 per cent of consumers who were aware of one of the top ten brands eventually made a purchase from them.

The highest conversion rate of 33 per cent was recorded at pet food company, with cosmetics provider Birchbox coming in second at 28 per cent.

The research also found that 17 per cent of consumers said Facebook was most likely to be their point of sale. Cashback and voucher websites were preferred by 14 per cent, while 12 per cent said they relied on the brand's own site.

Commenting on the findings, Rakuten Marketing EMEA managing director Anthony Capano said: "DTC brands have historically relied on performance-based digital advertising strategies. Huel was started when founder Julian Hearn sold his affiliate marketing business to fund his [new] venture.

"Now, many leverage high return publishers to target audiences with direct response ads to drive conversions."

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