Google now accepting Marketing Platform Partners applications globally

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by Josh Hall

Google has rolled out its Marketing Platform Partners in all of its territories, with the scheme now accepting applications globally.

The Marketing Platform Partners scheme was launched last year, and provides accreditation for agencies and individuals with deep expertise in Google's marketing products.

The scheme is intended to provide a way for smaller businesses to find accredited suppliers when they are looking for additional marketing knowledge or support.

Agencies and media companies can apply for Certified Company status, which demonstrates to potential clients that they have individual employees certified in at least one Google marketing product, along with a high level of knowledge and experience on a company-wide level.

According to Google, the certification process involves an assessment of the applicant's competency in campaign setup, strategy, management, optimisation, and troubleshooting for Display and Video 360, Search Ads 360, Google Analytics, Campaign Manager, and Web Designer.

In addition, companies that are certified for at least one of those core products can also apply for accreditation for Data Studio, Tag Manager, and Optimize.

Applications for the Google Marketing Platform Partners scheme can be made here.