Email still rocks for marketing DMA reckons

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Marketers are allocating a greater portion of marketing budgets to email as returns on every £1 spent increases significantly, the Data & Marketing Association has reported.

Email, on average, now receives nearly one fifth of the total resources allocated to marketing budgets (17 per cent) – this figure has increased by 55 per cent since 2017 (previously 11 per cent).

According to surveyed marketers, the estimate of ROI for every £1 spent on email has increased by almost £10 since the previous study (pre-GDPR) – this is now set at £42.24, up from £32.28 in 2017.

Email tracker report

The figure is one of several findings highlighted by the DMA’s latest research infographic, using key stats from the Marketer Email Tracker 2019 report.

The majority of marketers report an increase in email open rates (74 per cent) and click-through rates (75 per cent) in the past 12 months.

You've got mail: DMA says email is new killer app

Most organisations also saw a reduction in opt-out rates (41 per cent) and spam complaints (55 per cent) in comparison to previous years.

The percentage of marketers agreeing that they have a good or advanced expertise in email marketing has risen from 30 per cent to 40 per cent since the previous survey back in 2017.

Effective marketing

“It is encouraging to see that an increasing number of marketers are confident in their ability to use email effectively”, said Tim Bond, Head of Insight at the DMA. 

“The good news for proponents of email marketing is that ROI is increasing and marketers are predicting an increase in investment for the channel”.

However, the proportion feeling they have basic or no knowledge has climbed from nine per cent to nearly 24 per cent since 2015, suggesting that even though many marketers are growing in competence and confidence, there are plenty that aren’t satisfied.

“Decision makers must not neglect the importance of ongoing training and support for marketers”, Bond added. 

“The perceived complexity of the email environment may be leading some marketers to rate themselves less adept with some aspects of marketing technology, such as automation through AI and machine learning. 

“In an age where marketing techniques and best practice can evolve almost as quickly as technology, it is imperative that marketers are well-versed in the latest opportunities out there for the business.”

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