Carlsberg continues "not the best beer" campaign with TV spot

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Carlsberg's most recent campaign to relaunch its beer and acknowledge the previous brew couldn't stand up to its promise of being "probably the best beer in the world" continues.

Danish actor and face of Carlsberg Mads Mikkelsen appears in the first TV advert of this current campaign, created by Fold7 and titled 'The Lake', which airs on television screens today. Seen rowing, Mikkelsen honestly acknowledges that "in the UK, Carlsberg pursued being the biggest, not the best, and the beer suffered."

Lynsey Woods, Carlsberg UK Director of Marketing, told Marketing Week: "If you think about the messaging before it was quite a serious message, obviously done with a bit of wit. This TV ad actually shows people that we haven’t lost our sense of humour.

“TV, it’s still the best way to tell a great story to a mass audience and gives us the reach that we need and want.”

The coordinated campaign which took place across social media and beyond is a strategic repositioning of Carlsberg as a more premium brand, including now describing itself as 'Pilsner', releasing new glassware, and brewing a different blend for UK consumers.