Britain's newest political party signs ethical advertising pledge

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by Charlie Spargo

Change UK, the political party formed of a small selection of breakaway Labour and Conservative MPs, has completed a political first.

The party, otherwise referred to as CHUK and The Independent Group, is the first group to sign a political advertising pledge to adhere to greater transparency and accuracy in marketing themselves. It is in line with the Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising's four-point plan, with the support of the ISBA.

CHUK was founded in February 2019 and has faced struggles to make a significant public impact despite the big names among its ranks. There have been regular changes to its branding, and recently its emblem was rejected by the Electoral Commission ahead of May's European Elections partially due to the inclusion of the hashtag #change.

As a result of their commitment, they will clearly identify all digital advertising as being authored by CHUK, display paid advertising on a public webpage, and most importantly back up the claims made in their adverts either on a separate public page, or in the advert itself. They will revise and retract any claims they make that are later found to be inaccurate by an independent fact-checking service.

The party has challenged other political groups to match its commitment to transparency and do the same thing.