Nestle's 'Chief Plastics Officer' takes centre stage in Greenpeace's new advert

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Environmental activists Greenpeace have taken aim at another global giant, making a monstrosity of all the plastics Nestle use.

The video, released on social channels, was created by People's Television and shows a fictional senior executive at Nestle - the Chief Plastics Officer. He's shown playing squash then storming off to the vending machine.

There, he goes to buy another plastic bottle of water, but is confronted by a mysterious horror - the plastic monster.

The ad ends with a direct and poignant message. "Last year Nestle produced 1.7 million tonnes of plastic packaging, and that number keeps growing", it reads. The next shot - a man walking on a raft of waste plastic - is footage from a recent visit to the Philippines.

Greenpeace have effected change in Nestle's policies before, influencing a decision to change to more sustainable palm oil suppliers after an advert about KitKats.