Dandy founder plays central part in Twinings North America's new campaign

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

For Twinings, it's all about heritage.

In their newest campaign set to be broadcast across the USA, the tea specialists are promoting Twining Wellness Blends - featuring flavours such as turmeric, chamomile and vanilla - to a new audience. The adverts are titled 'From 1706 & Beyond'.

They take place in the 'Twinings Tea Room of London, est. 1706' - acknowledging the fact that founder Thomas Twining did, in fact, found the first tea room. In reality it was called Tom's Coffee House and stood on the Strand in London, and was the forerunner of the country's love affair with tea. 

The character of Thomas Twining, dressed as a flamboyant, wig-wearing man-about-town, is explaining at his tea house that "in 300 years, people will be drinking my herbal teas" - but his audience are still of their time, and wonder where the fish bladders and cow udders are.

The advert was created by Terri & Sandy, who have handled Twinings' American advertising since September.