Mayor tells advertisers they have 'major role' if there is a second referendum

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by Keiligh Baker

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has told advertising agencies that they will have a major role to play in helping the Remain campaign if there is a second referendum on Brexit.

Speaking to delegates at Advertising Week Europe, The Drum reports that Khan – a Remain campaigner and supporter of a 'people's vote' on Brexit – said the advertising industry would have a "major role to play" if another referendum was put to the British public.

“I like campaigns to be hopeful, and the creative industries, advertising and marketing could have helped in relation to the storytelling because I’m a firm believer in the substance being important," he said.

"You can create and polish a story, but it’s got to be us - the architects of the campaign - who tell it. If there is another referendum, then those of us with wiser heads in the campaign will be looking to use all the abilities of the advertising and creative industries to make sure we get the message across.

"The creative industries is one of the fastest growing sectors in London," said Khan. "Your growth is twice that of the wider economy. You're not just important because of benefits you bring financially to us, but also because of the stories you tell and the diversity you can portray."

In September Khan called for a second EU referendum, criticising the government's handling of Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Writing in the Observer, the Labour politician said that the UK now faced either a "bad deal" or "no deal".

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