Hydra Creative produce new brand for high-end London optician

Simon Austin's picture
by Simon Austin

Sheffield-based digital agency Hydra Creative has created a new brand identity for London-based optical specialists Aston & Woods.

The high-growth start-up on London’s Tottenham Court Road aims to combine high-end fashion with expert knowledge. Hydra Creative produced a new logo and colour palette, using a pair of glasses to interlink Aston & Woods.

Ryan Daniels, Creative Director at Hydra Creative, said, “our team really enjoyed working on this project, as we had a complete blank slate to start from, and it’s incredible to see the branding and all of the accompaniments working together to show off a brilliant brand.”

“The collaboration between Aston & Woods and Hydra Creative has created a new brand identity that is fitting with their business model: a blend of high end fashion and expert knowledge with a fresh, playful and crisp edge.”