Thought Machine's design studio strikes partnership with ustwo

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by Charlie Spargo

Cauldron, the in-house design studio of FinTech Thought Machine, has partnered with product specialist ustwo to create change in the banking experience for consumers.

Both studios will combine their individual strengths to enact innovation in financial services, particularly necessary at a time when the industry is being changed drastically by the current crisis. By forging a new partnership, consumers will benefit from a combination of Thought Machine’s core banking experience, Cauldron’s expertise and innovative approach, and ustwo’s capabilities in user-centric research.

Cauldron is partnering with the London studio of ustwo, which has forged a niche at the intersection of gaming and product development - having worked with financial institutions like JP Morgan and Barclays, as well as creating hit game Monument Valley.

The first step of the new collaboration between Cauldron and ustwo is a planned series of co-learning workshops.

Mark Warrick, MD at Cauldron, said: “We have tapped into our core banking product, Vault, to push the boundaries of creative financial experiences for over five years now, which is why we believe this is the perfect time for a partnership with ustwo, and we are excited beyond belief to be able to share with them what we have been doing and see how we can help each other.

"Our team has reached a level of maturity which sees us requiring a new brand identity and a more public-facing image as we take our self-set challenge to create a new norm for banking to the next stage."

Nicki Sprinz, MD at ustwo, added: “This is an exciting opportunity for us to join forces with our friends at Thought Machine and Cauldron. The challenges and opportunities facing financial services institutions are immense, I can’t wait for us to start working together to create pioneering products and services that will help meet the needs of the market and banking consumers."