London digital agency launches BBC Children's first online multiplayer game

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Goodboy Digital is behind the BBC's new online multiplayer game, Nightfall, which the broadcaster says is designed "with safety at its heart".

The free online battling game features no microtransactions, loot boxes or adverts, and prevents the sharing of personal information between players. In-game communication is restricted to pre-set emoji-style icons, as opposed to text fields or voice chat. It's currently available on app stores and on the BBC's online browser website.

Nightfall centres around the player character falling asleep and entering a dream world, where they can team up with fellow players and fight 'Nags and Nightmares', the game's antagonists.

Goodboy Digital, who produced Nightfall on behalf of the BBC, has previously worked with the corporation on apps including CBeebies Get Creative.

Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children’s and Education, said: “Nightfall is a wonderful new game that puts collaboration before competition, giving young gamers the opportunity to team up and work together to defeat the enemy characters. 

"It’s also been designed with safety at its heart - we’ve carefully built this game in such a way that that children can feel free to play, explore and have fun with their friends online while their parents can have confidence that they’re doing so in a safe and secure environment.“