BBC Director General outlines plans for departmental moves outside the capital

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by Charlie Spargo

Lord Hall, the Director General of the BBC, has outlined the organisation's plans to focus even more of their efforts on locations outside London, doubling down on comments on Monday about moving thousands of jobs away from the capital.

Speaking at Central Square in Cardiff today (January 15th), Hall delivered the BBC's New Year speech, in which he focused on the BBC's regional and global aspirations.

Over half the BBC's spending, and half their teams, are outside London, said Hall, emphasising that they could "go further.

"We can do so much more for this country - and we’re going to - starting this year."

As well as celebrating the influence of the BBC's base in Cardiff, where he was speaking, he announced the creation of a new tech hub in Newcastle for "a new generation of software engineers; designers; product developers and data scientists." Looking to Salford, he said it will become the "heart of BBC Sounds", as well as announcing growth in both journalism and digital from the North Western base.

Finally, Lord Hall said they would be expanding the BBC's Bristol base, "adding up to 150 new roles to the team of specialists ... in the city, the home of natural history film-making".

The BBC's charter comes to an end in seven years - and Lord Hall restated his aim to have two-thirds or more of the BBC based outside London by this date.

"It will take time. It would cost money. It could be hugely disruptive. But it is an enormous creative opportunity; for audiences, for talent, for the UK.

"It’ll make us more relevant; more in touch with audiences; more alive to creative opportunities. That’s a really exciting prospect."