European Commission invites startups to apply for €164 million fund to tackle coronavirus

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by Charlie Spargo

Startups from across Europe are part of a call to arms from the European Commission which is looking for SMEs with technologies that can help in the treatment, testing, and monitoring of the coronavirus spreading worldwide.

They are being encouraged to urgently apply for the next round of European Innovation Council (EIC) funding, the deadline for which is at 5pm (CET) on Wednesday, March 18th, and could be awarded a share of the total €164 million pot.

The statement from the Commission describes the call for applications as "'bottom up', meaning there are no predefined thematic priorities and applicants with Coronavirus relevant innovations will be evaluated in the same way as other applicants."

Those with innovations relevant to the pandemic will, however, be given the chance to get a fast-tracked EIC grant and blended finance.

The EIC is already supporting a number of startups with innovations focused on the spread of coronavirus, including EpiShuttle, creating specialised isolation units; m-TAP, a project for filtration technology to remove viral material; and MBENT, which can track human mobility during epidemics.