LIAR Wine launched to coincide with date of EU departure

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by Charlie Spargo

A group of creatives have come together to create 'Liar WINE', a white Merlot launched tomorrow, the day the UK leaves the European Union.

The wine is marketed as "a deception in... appearance", given that it is made with a grape usually associated with red wine. As well as being far from subtle about the words used in its branding, the wine was also intended to highlight a product that will suffer post-Brexit, Italian wine.

Curro Piqueras, Lorenzo Foffani, Jaime Azurmendi and Guglielmo Foffani are behind the provocative bottles, which can be ordered online from tomorrow (January 31st). The friends come from a variety of career backgrounds, with Piqueras working as Executive Creative Director at DUDE London.

Lorenzo Foffani, Brand Director, said: “Our ultimate dream would be to receive a wine order from No. 10.”

Piqueras, Creative Director, also said: “If you think about it, people buy lies all the time. Going back to basics - that’s our business model - selling a lie.”

Azurmendi, also Creative Director, said: “Like most people we are exposed to the media, politicians and social media on a daily basis. Eventually we put our heads together and decided we need to take action. And we did. We made wine that echoes the times we live in."

Product Director, Guglielmo Foffani, said: “Every brand will eventually start lying - worst of all at the point when you start trusting them. On that basis we decided to lie openly from day one. That’s honest.”