Starling Bank reveals what lockdown Britain is spending its money on

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by Charlie Spargo

Video gaming has come out as the area consumers have boosted spending on the most drastically in lockdown, according to statistics released by Starling Bank.

From the 1.25 million accounts with Starling, spend with Playstation and Nintendo has risen nearly 300% between the middle of March and the middle of April.

Sales at Amazon are also up, rising by 39% between March and April. Online shopping generally has seen a boost, with rises in spending too at Argos (49%), the Apple Store (36% and John Lewis (13%).

The average spend of a consumer using Starling Bank has surged overall, with Londoners boosting their spend the most. The average transaction value in the first week of April was more than 100% higher than in the third week of March for Londoners, with the increase being 62.7% in the South East and 55.8% in the South West over the same period of time.

And while gaming and online shopping have been on the up, it has been at the expense of other expenses, namely cafes, mainstream branches of which saw a 99% drop in spend from Starling accounts in the two weeks from the third week of March.

Transport, too, has dropped in overall spend based on Starling's numbers. Between the second week of March and the first week of April, spend on Transport for London services dropped 93%, while Uber's numbers fell 84% over the same time-frame.