OneTech young entrepreneur scheme comes to South London

Josh Hall's picture
by Josh Hall

OneTech, the organisation supporting under-represented founders in London, is launching its programme south of the river.

The programme will provide access to networking, mentoring, bootcamps, and more, all targeted at budding entrepreneurs.

It has been supported by funding from the South London Innovation Corridor, and sessions will be delivered by experts from Capital Enterprise. Other supporters include The Accelerator Network and FounderVine.

Commenting on the launch, FounderVine 's Cecil Adjalo said: “Foundervine are firm believers in spreading opportunity and knowledge across underserved communities to boost the creation, progression, and success of startups. The OneTech SLIC initiative will run across a two year period and will contribute directly to this cause with a significant impact,  targeting boroughs where enormous potential dwells.

"Foundervine are very pleased to run the startup entrepreneurial labs and pre-accelerators to not only encourage the formation of new businesses, but also help young founders succeed with the right support network. We are very excited about the journey with the new and early stage founders.”

The programme kicks off with a taster session on 19 November, at WeWork York Road. More information is available here.