Nostalgia in Advertising event announced by Prolific North in association with YouGov

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by Charlie Spargo
Nostalgia in Advertising

YouGov is supporting Prolific North to launch a Manchester event focused on how nostalgia is and can be used in advertising.

Senior marketers from agencies and brands are invited to attend an insightful evening event discussing the topic, featuring a panel discussion and a look at YouGov's upcoming whitepaper on nostalgia.

The exclusive event will take place at Accelerate Places, 101 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD, between 6pm and 9pm on Wednesday, November 20th.

The paper, which examines the power of reminiscence in marketing, is titled: 'Nostalgia - is it what it used to be?'. YouGov, a global research and analytics company, regularly publish whitepapers and have been having daily conversations with consumers for almost 20 years. For the nostalgia paper they partnered up with the7stars, the UK's largest independent media company, to make it a reality.

With a special focus on nostalgia as a marketing tool, the paper aims to establish exactly why the past is still so influential among consumers in Britain today.

For the benefit of senior marketers at both brands and agencies, the exclusive evening is an opportunity to hear the key findings of the paper, enjoy an informal panel discussion and enjoy drinks and canapés with peers from the sector.

Confirmed panellists include Amelia Brophy, Head of Data Products at YouGov UK; and Helen Rose, Head of Insight & Analytics at the7stars.

Amelia Brophy, said: "Both YouGov and the7stars have noticed an uptick in nostalgia in advertising, and positive nostalgia amongst consumers in general. This event seeks to challenge the idea of nostalgia and explore if people are nostalgic for times they hadn’t lived through to understand if it is an effective way to connect with consumers and tell stories about brands."

The panel will also include senior representatives from brands who have used nostalgia as a tool in their campaigns. 

Antonia Stockwell, Head of Marketing at YouGov UK, said: "At the heart of every marketing task lies the audience. Gaining an understanding, an insight into their behaviours, needs and wants, is critical and can help with strategic decision-making.

"The event is aimed at brands and agencies who are looking to understand more about the tools that they can use to strengthen their campaigns. The discussion will go deeper than just the use of nostalgia, to the consumer insight which shows how audiences reacted."

Attendees will be able to scan a QR code to download the whitepaper to their phones on the night, as well as ask questions of the expert panel.

Numbers are limited for this event so if you're a marketer at a brand or agency who is interested in attending, please apply on this Prolific North event page, and a member of the team will get in touch.