Google's Stadia gaming platform launch date revealed

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by Josh Hall

Google has announced the launch date for its forthcoming Stadia project.

The company's cloud-based gaming platform will be available from 19 November, as revealed by the company's head of hardware Rick Osterloh.

Osterloh was speaking at the launch event for the Pixel 4, Google's hotly anticipated new smartphone.

Google Stadia will offer cloud-based gaming, with gamers able to play on virtually any device.

Processing and hosting will be handled by Google's own servers, meaning that players will not need their own console hardware.

Instead, games will be available on any device that supports Google's Chrome browser.

Earlier this year Google launched pre-orders for the Stadia Founder's Edition package, which includes a dedicated controller handset and a Chromecast Ultra.

It is understood that Stadia subscriptions will be available at £8.99 per month for 4K, 60fps, HDR gaming. A free tier will also be available, with streams limited to 1080p resolution.

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