Data and marketing sector's biggest challenge is trust, say surveyed marketers

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by Charlie Spargo

New research for the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) surveyed more than 230 senior marketing professionals across the UK who judged the organisation's awards, finding that the majority ranked reinforcing trust as their biggest issue.

DMA Awards judges who came from across the UK were quizzed on what was the most important thing to bear in mind as a marketing professional. More than half (52%) said 'understanding customer wants and needs' was a key issue, but the biggest proportion, 59%, said 'reinforcing customers' trust' was key.

The DMA’s latest infographics reveal a view of data as focused on privacy, and regulations like GDPR (38%). However, the association says there is a need to shift to be more customer-centric and intelligent with the marketing approach used to engage customers, given that 94% say that ‘Intelligent Marketing’ is an essential part of the data and marketing industry.

On a more abstract level, respondents were asked what 'Intelligent Marketing' represented. Most (90%) called it 'the future', while a smaller but significant number, 65%, said it was 'the reality' of the industry right now.

Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the DMA, said: “By putting the customer first, brands can not only better understand their needs and wants but also help build sustainable relationships based on trust.

"A data-driven economy cannot operate without trust, it’s a critical tenet of the value exchange where customers choose to exchange their data in return for a more personalised, enhanced experience. Innovation, technology and ethical data use will help organisations deliver more value to their consumers - all key components of intelligent marketing.”