Tesco and McDonald's become first IAB Gold Standard advertisers

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by Josh Hall

Tesco and McDonald's have become the first signatories to the IAB UK's new Gold Standard pledge.

The advertisers have said they will wherever possible work exclusively with certified digital advertisers.

The IAB's scheme is intended to combine a number of previous campaigns intended to return trust to the advertising industry.

It includes pledges on ad fraud and brand safety, along with user experience.

Signatories are also required to abide by the principles of the Coalition For Better Ads.

Commenting on the news, IAB UK’s chief digital officer Tim Elkington said: “Since its inception, Gold Standard adoption has been really strong. The fact that advertisers are now getting behind the initiative is crucial in cementing its effectiveness. Tesco and McDonald’s are leading by example when it comes to advertisers’ responsibility to improve digital advertising. It’s only by having all parts of the industry on board that we can affect real change.”

Nick Ashley, head of media and campaign planning at Tesco, added: "It’s in all of our best interests to collectively raise online ad standards, as we strive to communicate to our customers in the most helpful, relevant and effective way. The IAB Gold Standard is a clear start to building better standards across the industry; moving forward we also encourage all stakeholders to agree on a single industry-wide set of standards that we can all get behind."