81% of UK consumers' purchases inspired by visual triggers

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by Josh Hall

Some 81 per cent of UK consumers take visual inspiration for their purchases, underscoring the importance of visual search.

This is according to figures from ViSenze, a company that uses AI to power visual commerce. Their study explores how and why people make purchases after seeing prompts both offline and online.

The company found that 54 per cent of UK consumers are most excited about visual search becoming part of their online shopping experience.

Meanwhile nearly 62 per cent of millennials are already comfortable using visual search tools.

Three-quarters of consumers often or always want to purchase items they've seen in online images and videos, with Facebook the primary social channel for inspiring purchases, followed by Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Cheryl Guzman Ng, Global Head of Marketing at ViSenze, said: “Consumers today are inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of shopping apps daily. These apps alone can be overwhelming to consumers, and as a result make them long for smarter, native search engines that are both efficient and accurate in searching for products across different shopping platforms.

"As mobile usage continues to grow, shoppers now increasingly rely on accessible AI functionalities on their smartphones such as visual search or smart shopping lenses that help them find what they’re looking for on-the-go.

“As omnichannel experiences have become the ‘new retail,’ vision has become the new search for consumers. This survey underscores the growing acceptance of visual search as a part of the customer journey, whether it be for search, discovery, recommendations, or purchasing.”