TikTok turns to users for UK focused safety campaign

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by Mark Johnson

Short-form mobile video platform TikTok is reinforcing its ongoing commitment to improving user experience by releasing a new set of awareness videos that aim at keeping its community informed. 

The videos will highlight the safety features and resources available to them. 

Wider campaign  

Available from the 23 of October on TikTok’s @tiktoktips channel, the new set of safety videos will be complemented by a wider digital marketing campaign with a goal of raising awareness to keep users safe and positive online.

TikTok creators 

The new video series features TikTok’s creators from across the globe, including the UK's very own @Stevenmckell, @chanydakota from Germany, French creator @juniortvine and @d-damodel, @anathanpiland,  @mahoganylox, @shreksdumpster, @chrsitinebarger from the US.

Feet first: TikTok's new safety campaign, with a touch of humour

Fun, situational clips demonstrate how to use the multiple in-app safety features. 

The videos are authentic in style, replicating the look and feel of the in-app content, with the purpose of raising awareness for the safety tools available largely among experienced users.

Elizabeth Kanter, Director of Global Public Policy at TikTok UK, said: "Safety is our number one priority. This new campaign, featuring some of our most loved creators from a variety of backgrounds and genres, demonstrates our commitment to originality, as we educate, empower and encourage our global community to stay safe and positive."

Consisting of six videos in all, this new series highlights in-app features such as the ability to  make a decision on:

  • who can duet /make reactions with you 
  • how to report inappropriate content 
  • disband harassment/hate speech
  • block undesired users 
  • filter comments 
  • how to be mindful about the info you include in your profile

UK focused campaign 

The UK focused digital marketing campaign highlights the core existing privacy settings along with functionalities on how to report negative comments and how to limit comments to friends only.

Positive target: TikTok hopes to eliminate negativity among users

Campaign’s landing page serves a “one stop-shop” for everything that parents and educators might need to know about in-app safety and privacy features along with TikTok’s wider initiatives in this field.

These efforts reaffirm TikTok’s ongoing commitment to the continuous improvement of its safe in-app environment. 

Earlier this year, TikTok launched the video series ‘You’re in Control’, which brought the safety settings front-and-centre through seven video tutorials that featured various privacy controls and digital wellbeing settings, making safety topics easy to understand.  

The ongoing safety effort reinforces the TikTok’s commitment towards creating a secure and positive community and a home for creativity and expression, as TikTok continues to prioritise safety by educating and supporting its global community through in-app tools, campaigns, online resources and more.

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