Snapchat introduces dynamic ads for retail

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by Josh Hall

Snapchat has launched a new ad format targeted at online retailers.

The dynamic ad draws information from a retailer's catalogue, before serving creative for individual products chosen based on users' profiles.

Snap says the new format will sync with retailer data, meaning that changes in price or availability will be immediately reflected in the ads that are served.

As The Drum reports, the company says that increased personalisation will allow them to target ads more effectively, resulting in higher returns for brands.

Snap has also said that it will make templates available for mobile ad formats, reducing the amount of time spent producing creative.

The company has made a concerted effort to chase retail brands in recent months.

Snapchat is increasingly becoming the favoured platform amongst brands who are frustrated with Instagram's ad saturation and pricing.

In May, a report from Business Insider suggested that DTC brands were seeing returns as much as eight times higher on Snapchat than on Instagram.

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