Paris is best city to be a freelancer - survey

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by Mark Johnson

Paris has been deemed the best city in the world to become a freelancer in a comparison of cost of living, needs and job availability. 

The French capital came top after a survey by small business website compared metrics such as average rent costs, the number of freelancing jobs available, co-working spaces and average temperature.

Emerging creative scene

Depsite being known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris also has an emerging creative scene, SmallBusinessPrices said, meaning the demand for freelancers has increased over the last few years. 

It also noted that whilst the average rent for a one-bed apartment in the city centre could set you back £1,079 per month, the city has the lowest average amount of working hours per week at 35. 

It also has the highest amount of freelance jobs available.

Global gig economy: London comes third in SmallBusinessPrices survey

New York was knocked off its top spot by Paris, however, the Big Apple is still one of the best destinations to launch your remote worker career. 

It’s the most expensive city to live in, with a one-bed apartment setting you back nearly £2,541 a month.

But the average salary in this city is around £3,954, meaning there’s lots of money to be made. 

London still rocks

In third place came the UK capital. Whilst considered a financial hub, London’s isn’t just limited to finance - it’s the home of thousands of startups and creative projects. 

Similar to Paris and New York, London’s average monthly rent for a one-bed apartment is around £1,701. 

It has the second-highest amount of freelance jobs available and over 240 co-working spaces for you to use.
Singapore and Hong Kong came fourth and fifth.  

Growth in freelancing

Dubbed the ‘global generation’ over half of all millennials would consider moving abroad for work opportunities, and an increasing amount are starting their own business ventures, SmallBusinessPrices said. 

With possibilities of owning a home becoming increasingly difficult in the world’s cities, rent prices soaring and the political climate changing, research shows that millennials are less financially stable compared to previous generations. 

But this isn’t just an age-related factor - since the economic crisis in 2008, the freelance economy has seen a surge as workers were forced to think about different ways to finance their lives. 

A shift in norms has also inspired a generation to opt to work independently, with more people thinking about how to avoid long working hours, building other’s dreams and creating their own streams of income.

Ian Wright of stated: “In a new digital age, working from home or being a freelancer has become much easier over the last five to ten years. 

“The use of social media to build networks, apps, and websites such as Fiverr or PeoplePerHour to find jobs, mean that people can find their dream job in a matter of a few clicks. 

“The research produced is to highlight those cities where opportunities to become a freelancer are widely available along with consideration of living costs and general day-to-day needs.”

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