Kantar’s Sarah Wait appointed Master of the Company of Communicators

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by Mark Johnson

Sarah Wait, Director of Forward Planning Services at global consultancy firm Kantar has been appointed by the Company of Communicators to the position of Master for the year 2019 to 2020.

In her year-long tenure as Master, Wait will be responsible for leading the agenda of the Company, leading stakeholder engagement, raising its profile, as well as shaping best practice throughout the communications industry.

Modern livery   

The Company of Communicators is one of a number of modern livery companies, designed to promote the communications profession within the livery movement and the City of London, as well as contribute to society through charitable giving. 

Its remit includes public relations, public affairs, corporate, external and internal communications.

“It’s a real honour to be selected as Master by the Company of Communicators, and I’m keen to make the very most of this prestigious role”, Wait said. 

“Every year must have a theme, and mine has been consistent throughout my time at the Company: Inclusion, Diversity and Equality.

 “I’m proud to be the sixth female Master, but that diversity goes even further than gender. 

“Whether it’s ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, diversity of thought, or socio-economic experience, celebrating a whole range of identities allows us to be truly inclusive, and infinitely more representative of the profession we serve.”

Mark Inskip, CEO UK & Ireland of Kantar’s Media Division, said: “We at Kantar are thrilled with Sarah’s richly deserved appointment, to which she’ll bring not only passion, but a wealth of experience from her twenty-plus years in the industry. We look forward to supporting her in her position as Master.

Invaluable resource 

“The livery network is an invaluable resource for strengthening bonds, fostering cooperation, and championing inclusion and equality – not just in our industry, but across the entire City. 

“We’re excited to see what Sarah’s tenure brings to the Company over the next 12 months.”

Outgoing Master of The Company of Communicators, Gavin Ellwood said: “Inclusion has been an important theme successfully developed by Sarah over the past year, so we are very pleased to see her commitment to maintaining the momentum in this important area for the Company and the Livery more widely.”

Adele Thorpe, President of the City Livery Club said, “The Communications company and the City Livery Club will be working together in our desire to engage the City proactively in the agenda of inclusion, diversity and equality within the Livery. We hope others will also join this initiative.”

Karina Robinson, Master of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers, said: “The strap line for my year is Open Door, Open City. 

“The livery companies are an essential part of the City, and I look forward to working with Sarah to strengthen their diversity and inclusion, just as the City is transforming its diversity and maintaining its openness to the world at a time of major political change.”

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