Consumers 'overwhelmed by automated marketing'

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by Josh Hall

Consumers are feeling overwhelmed by their inboxes, with high volumes of automated marketing communications said to be to blame.

This is according to a new 'consumer census' from marketing platform Ometria, which surveyed around 4,000 consumers in the UK and US.

It found that 74 per cent of respondents felt annoyed at being emailed too often by retailers, while 70 per cent said they were regularly overwhelmed when opening their inbox.

But the study found that this frustration can be tackled by better personalisation, with more than four-fifths of respondents saying they want to receive personalised offers and loyalty rewards.

However, more than half said they do not think retailers understand their tastes and interests, while two-thirds said they were actively annoyed when retailers promote products they are not interested in.

Commenting on the study, Ivan Mazour, CEO and founder of Ometria, said: “Retail marketers are now faced with a stark choice: to continue contributing to the mass of generic, undifferentiated marketing messages that overwhelm consumers every day, or to focus on creating the kinds of experiences that consumers are asking for.   

The results of the Consumer Census give a clear blueprint for success, showing that consumers are increasingly seeking out relevance - for their loyalty to be recognised, for their interests to be reflected in the messages they receive, and to only be contacted when brands have something genuinely interesting or useful to say.”

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