Wisebuddah directors launch new production company Listen Entertainment

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by Josh Hall

Three directors from Wisebuddah have launched a new production company focusing on branded audio content.

Listen Entertainment will also acquire Wisebuddah's content production team, although the latter company will continue to operate.

As Variety reports, the new venture will be led by director of content Adam Uytman, director of commercial and client relations Josh Adley, and executive director Tim Hammond, all previously of Wisebuddah. The company's founder Mark Goodier will also become chair of Listen Entertainment's board.

Wisebuddah is well-known as the production company behind many podcast and radio content for the BBC, along with some commercial broadcasters.

Listen, meanwhile, will focus squarely on brands, building on Wisebuddah's existing work in the field such as Dan Wootton's podcast for The Sun, and the NHS's Couch To 5K project.

Commenting on the launch, Uytman told Variety: “The world of audio is on fire right now, and, in particular, podcasting is booming.

“The convergence of TV and audio – and the opportunities for TV companies in the audio space – are exploding, so we are there to help our clients navigate the future of this exciting medium.”

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