Snapchat launches three-minute ads, "goal-based bidding"

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by Josh Hall

Snapchat has upped the maximum length of ads served on its platform.

Advertisers will now be able to buy three-minute spots, supporting Snapchat's attempts to attract more entertainment and film clients.

The new time limit will mean that advertisers could run a full-length trailer on the platform.

Previously, if advertisers wanted to run longer creative, they would have to place shorter ads and then add a CTA asking users to swipe up to see the rest.

In addition, Snap is launching a "goal-based bidding" system in which advertisers will be able to bid against specific KPIs.

For example, marketers could bid against specific measures such as engagement. It is understood that the goal-based system will only be available on 15-second spots.

Finally, Snap has also made swipe interactions available on advertising content.

Marketers will now be able to add swipe CTAs to ad spots, just as users can for their own content.

Commenting on the changes, Snao's head of international product marketing David Shaw said: "With our upgraded suite of video solutions, we’re offering our advertiser and agency partners the opportunity to own the entire screen with a dedicated creative canvas.

"We offer unique contextual alignment with top media brands, allowing our partners to drive awareness at scale in premium programming."

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