BRC calls for help as High Street struggles with tech competition

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by Josh Hall

The UK High Street is facing an "unprecedented" period of disruption thanks to technological transformation.

This is according to the British Retail Consortium, which is calling on the government to help brick-and-mortar stores cope with increased competition from online shopping.

The BRC says that online shopping is taking a bigger share of total consumer spending as total demand falls.

A hot summer saw a jump in food sales, but this was not enough to make up for a fall in demand across other categories.

Non-food item sales fell by 1.2 per cent in the three months to August.

Sales of these items dropped by 3 per cent in stores - but rose by 2.2 per cent online.

BRC chief executive Helen Dickinson said: “While the summer weather gave a small boost to food sales, this was cancelled out by a drop in non-food sales.

“Summer discounting and poor footfall have hit in-store sales particularly hard. If the government wants to avoid seeing further store closures and job losses on the UK high street, they must take action.”

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