Spotify offers podcasters troves of data with analytics dashboard

Josh Hall's picture
by Josh Hall

Spotify is broadening its offering to podcasters as it opens up new data to creators.

The Spotify for Podcasters dashboard comes out of beta today, meaning that more podcasters can see data including their listeners' location, age, gender, and music taste.

Crucially, the dashboard also provides information on how long users listened to individual episodes.

The tool is now available globally, but currently only in English.

Spotify says 100,000 of the 450,000 podcasts on its platform have signed up for the programme, and it is taking steps to encourage the remainder to join.

The platform has ploughed significant resources into developing and marketing its podcast offering, including major OOH campaigns across London and the UK.

But the tools it offers to podcast creators still lag behind those offered to musicians, the latter of which have the option to advertise tour dates, sell merchandise, and other in-app activities.

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