Twitter rolls out "faster, more personalised" new web design - but users aren't happy

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by Josh Hall

Twitter has begun rolling out a redesign of its web interface to all users.

The 'new Twitter' borrows heavily from the platform's own mobile apps, including an easy way to switch between a chronological feed and 'top Tweets'.

It also places a greater emphasis on hashtags and trending topics, following Twitter's attempts to position itself more firmly as a home for breaking news and conversations.

The new design is "faster, easier to navigate, and more personalised," according to the company.

In an interview with Wired, Twitter's senior director of product design Mike Kruzeniski said the company is “trying to find the right places to be bold again, but it’s a resetting of that foundation. Starting with the best stuff and building from there.”

But many users are unhappy with the redesign, and some took to the platform to express their frustrations. Read a selection of reaction Tweets below.

Embedded rich media on Twitter

Embedded rich media on Twitter

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