Thousands of Amazon workers strike on Prime Day

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by Josh Hall

Amazon workers in the UK, US, and Europe are protesting working conditions at the retail giant this week.

Warehouse workers and other staff are walking out during the two-day Prime event, in an effort to call attention to what unions say are "appalling" working conditions.

In the UK, members of the GMB union will walk out today. Its national officer Mark Rix claimed workers at Amazon sites are routinely putting themselves at risk.

“The Rugeley site in particular is probably one of the most unsafe places to work in Britain — workers are breaking bones, being knocked unconscious, and being taken away in ambulances,” he said.

There have also been widespread protests in Germany, with two days of actions beginning on Sunday night.

Protests there are being led by the Verdi union, which has taken a strong line against Amazon's refusal to enter into collective bargaining arrangements with its workers over salaries.

Rix, of the GMB, says Amazon must act to ensure the safety and humanity of its workforce.

“Amazon workers want Jeff Bezos to know they are people — not robots,” he said. “It's time for him to show empathy with the very people that have helped to contribute to his vast and increasing personal fortune.”

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