Amazon Prime Video says it won't reveal audience numbers despite Netflix move

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by Josh Hall

The head of Amazon Studios has said the company will not reveal viewing figures for its shows, despite gradual moves to do so from Netflix.

Speaking at a US Television Critics Association event, Jennifer Salke confirmed that the company will not make available audience figures to either creators or advertisers.

"Our company doesn't embrace that strategy," she said. "We agree that it's not a strategy for us. We know what the numbers are."

This is despite news that Nielsen will begin tracking some Netflix audience data in the US.

The media insight company will monitor Netflix viewing amongst 44,000 households participating in its panel.

Salke has acknowledged that audience numbers are useful not only for creators but also to advertisers.

But, per The Hollywood Reporter, she said at the TCA event: "We have a very unique business in the sense that our entire north star is to entertain and delight Prime customers all over the world, so there's a different strategy there.

"We will curate shows to bring to that global, diverse audience. We're not in the volume business. We're in the curated business."