On Amazon Prime Day, eBay mocks exclusive and temperamental sales

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by Charlie Spargo
eBay is #CrashingPrimeDay

Online marketplace eBay has taken on Amazon in its newest advert, which cuts down Amazon's yearly Prime Day, which takes place today and tomorrow.

In the spot, 'Honest Alexa', a girl named Alexa gives a scathing account of Prime Day, saying it's "a holiday Amazon totally made up to get people excited about their 'parade' of deals. At least real parades don't charge a membership fee."

Prime Day gives only the members of Amazon Prime, the website's paid-for priority service, discounts on high-value products. Today, for example, products such as iPhones, Fire Sticks, Xboxes and smart watches will be discounted.

Amazon Prime, however, costs around £79 per year. Shoppers will be used to the adverts promoting a 30-day trial of Prime, which appears on every use of Amazon.

eBay have capitalised on disillusionment with Prime Day with its own 'Crash Sale' - so called because last year, Amazon's website couldn't cope with the traffic and failed. The advert also makes the claim that Prime Day only exists because "[Amazon's] probably just trying to clear room in their warehouse."

The Crash Sale has "deals on things people actually want," according to the young actress in the eBay advert - and if Amazon's website gives up once again, "eBay's gonna unlock even more great deals!"

The advert also targets many people's concern about the data collection potential of the Amazon Alexa smart speaker, with the character of Alexa saying "I'm always listening."

Prime Day is already embroiled in controversy from this morning, with swathes of US, UK and European workers walking out to protest working conditions.

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