AMV BBDO launches lockdown advert for Quaker Oats

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by Charlie Spargo

Quaker Oats has revamped its 'Go Forridge' campaign which encourages people to find toppings for porridge in their kitchen to suit lockdown, with a new film from AMV BBDO.

The London-based agency has created 'Stay Home. Go Forridge' - a piece of content designed to be both uplifting and useful, and reinforce the message that we must stay home to save lives.

AMV BBDO was given under three weeks to create the new film, which features a simple story of going to the shops, looking in the cupboards, and getting a range of interesting ingredients. 

The agency partnered with Flare Productions for a crew of self-shooting directors and a cast who could capture content at home with their own equipment and edited the film from what they produced. It features people baking with Quaker Oats, adding imaginative toppings, and enjoying them however they like.

Corinne Chant, Marketing Director at Quaker Oats, said: “We really hope to bring inspiration to households by reminding everyone of all the taste and recipe possibilities you can have with oats - we want to show how even when you have to stay home, breakfast and baking can still be fun!”

Samuel Biss of AMV BBDO added: “There aren’t many brands that can be genuinely useful during lockdown. But we know that lots of people have got oats in their cupboards, and Quaker have got a couple of hundred things to do with them on their website, so this felt like a great opportunity.

"Yes, it’s challenging to produce films while we’re all in lockdown but through our partnership with Flare and with our committed cast and crew, we did it. We really hope it contributes something positive in these difficult times.”