Make It Red subverts Buy One Get One Free offers to prevent panic buying

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Creative studio Make It Red has responded to a recent call-out from the Labour Party for agencies to think up creative coronavirus messaging, and conceived the 'Buy Some, Leave Some' collection of in-store posters.

Based around the worries some have currently about stockpiling and panic buying, and amid the removal of BOGOF deals due to stock level concerns, the campaign takes familiar-sounding sale slogans and makes them responsible. They're designed to nudge supermarket shoppers into taking a more public-spirited approach to filling their trollies.

The ads read: “Get one, get on with everyone,” “More friendly, less frenzy,” “Shelve your selfishness” and “Be a good deal kinder”, followed by the tagline, “Buy some, leave some”. They were thought up and designed over the course of two days by Copywriter Simon Kirkham and Art Director Mark Beacock.

Labour recently put out a call for ad agencies to come up with inventive ways to encourage positivity and responsiblity at this difficult time, using the hashtags #dontshoptillyoudrop and #covid19advert hoping the best creative efforts would go viral. 

Kirkham said: “We wanted to twist the messaging constructs people are used to seeing in supermarkets, using the impact of the CTA to steer public opinion to the good. Covid-19 moves quickly and many supermarkets thankfully now have protocols in place, but stockpiling continues on some goods.”