Carlsberg rounds off relaunch with campaign finding out what beer drinkers really think

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by Charlie Spargo

Nearly a year after launching its 'Probably Not' campaign which highlighted the generally negative sentiment towards the quality of the beer marketed as "probably the best", Carlsberg has launched a campaign reviewing what people really think.

The new 'Mean Tweets - One Year On' - provocatively styled 'M*** Tw*ts' - comes after the original version of the video, which saw Carlsberg staff reading tweets about their product calling it, among others, "like a urinal cube".

Carlsberg relaunched its beer last year, creating a Danish pilsner to replace its original offering that was widely regarded as poor quality. The new tweets read by some of the same Carlsberg staff are more complimentary, saying it's "a******* c****" - that is, "actually class".

Liam Newton, VP of Marketing at Carlsberg UK, said: “It will be quite hard to create the same impact as we did last year. It was such a new different idea. We were very brave to talk about the negative things people were saying.

“This has a different angle. It's just a nice way of landing the campaign message with a nod to what we did last year. It doesn't have quite the same shock factor that the original.”

The video campaign is matched by OOH posters from April saying, “We’ve changed the beer. Only you can change your mind.” There will also be a wider selection of posters featuring tweets from people who've tried new Carlsberg and changed their mind.

Across pubs and bars there will be activations including offers for 50,000 people to claim a free pint at participating venues.