We Are Social Sport supports Audi's Spurs sponsorship with kids' outreach

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by Charlie Spargo

As part of Audi's Dare to be Different sponsorship strategy with Tottenham Hotspur, six young academy players were given the opportunity to ask their footballing heroes anything they wanted in a new campaign.

The campaign was delivered by We Are Social Sport to promote Audi’s sponsorship deal with the club. Sitting in an Audi e-tron, Spurs figures Moura, Dier, Vertonghen, Walker-Peters and Green joined six young people from seven to ten from the Spurs Academy where they could ask any burning questions.

The content will be promoted through a paid media campaign and on the social channels of both Audi and Tottenham Hotspur - with an eight-minute and three-minute cut, as well as five 15-second ads.

The interviews were filmed at Hotspur Way, which is Spurs' training ground, and featured probing questions from the young footballers to the more experienced sportsmen, including about the Champions League Final - which Spurs reached in June 2019, ultimately losing to Liverpool - and what they would get the manager for Christmas. 

Christina Dudley, Events Manager at Audi UK, said: “We all know kids aren’t afraid to ask tough questions, and it was a pleasure to watch these young stars conduct such entertaining interviews with their heroes.

"The Tottenham Hotspur players were great sports and didn’t shy away from some of the more difficult subject areas. While we love the e-tron, we have to admit that, in this case, it was overshadowed by these young superstars.”

Gareth Leeding, Group Creative Director for We Are Social Sport, said: “Most honest conversations between a parent and a child tend to happen in the car, so we were hoping for a very open discussion. Footballers aren’t used to being questioned by kids. The innocence and the lack of filter leads them to go places where others wouldn’t, and do it with a smile.

"When the first question to Eric Dier from one of the kids was 'How did it feel to get subbed after 29 minutes by Jose Mourinho?' - we knew we’d stumbled across something good. Spurs and Audi took a risk by giving the kids a platform without censorship, showing they really are willing to dare to be different.

"The bar has truly been set for automotive and football sponsorship by Audi this year.”