Virgin Media calls BT's claims of superiority "B******T"

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by Charlie Spargo

Virgin Media has launched a provocative campaign in response to BT billboards seen in Bristol which said consumers shouldn't "settle for Virgin".

Utilising mobile billboards, Virgin has launched the #BornFast campaign in assocation with RAPP UK, supported by content on Virgin Media’s social media channels with the potential to bring the billboards to other areas.

The portable banners, seen above, say that claims BT is better are "B******T" - a quirky play on the legacy network provider's name.

Al Mackie, Chief Creative Officer at RAPP UK, said: “Virgin Media, as all the great Virgin brands, is about disrupting the market and making it better for consumers. While they have the fastest widely-available broadband in the UK they haven’t lost that challenger belief and will stand up to the dubious tactics of the other broadband providers.”

Cilesta Van Doorn, Brand and Marketing Director at Virgin Media, said: “BT’s broadband bunkum just couldn’t go unchecked. Residents of Bristol won’t be fooled by BT’s babble and we look forward to welcoming anyone who wants to experience life in the fast lane with our superior ultrafast speeds.

"With a reliable future-proof network that is bringing gigabit speeds to Bristol and more of the UK, Virgin Media is, as always, leading the charge - catch us if you can.”