"No notable change" following £45m Brexit campaign

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by Charlie Spargo
Get Ready for Brexit

The National Audit Office (NAO) has released its verdict on the results of the government's 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign, which cost £46 million and was the biggest since 1945, finding that there was no real evidence it had an impact.

The Cabinet Office, which was responsible for the campaign, “could not demonstrate that the campaign resulted in significantly better preparedness," said the NAO. The government had originally earmarked £100 million for the marketing effort.

On Saturday, the government is preparing a 'Ready to Trade' campaign, which is designed for the UK's first official day formally having left the EU. A concurrent campaign is designed to emphasise this Friday as the deadline for leaving, and December 31st as the end of the transition period.

The 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign's KPI, as noted by the NAO, was the proportion of British citizens who reported that they had looked for information regarding their preparation for leaving the EU. This, it said, “did not notably change compared to the beginning of the campaign”.

The amount of people looking for information ranged from 32% to 37% during the Brexit campaign, according to the NAO's research, and by the time the campaign ended it was 34%.

The NAO acknowledged that after no-deal fears subsided in October - around the time the campaign was paused having already cost £46 million, following the agreement of a deadline extension with the trading bloc - its impact would have been reduced as it is.