Nissan encourages an all-electric journey with Lifesaver station activations

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by Charlie Spargo

At London Waterloo and London Victoria, this week and next week, Nissan and Lifesaver are giving commuters the opportunity to pick up a portable phone charger as part of their partnership.

Passers-by can also book a LEAF test drive at their local dealership as part of a holistic effort to encourage an all-electric lifestyle.

Nissan has partnered with Lifesaver to promote the use of renewable energy for a 100% electric journey. Lifesaver provides a pocket-sized, 100% renewably-charged battery pack service to stop commuters running out of smartphone power. Customers pay a £15 flat fee for the pack, which can be recharged and used again, or returned and swapped for an unlimited number of times for a fully-charged pack at a Lifesaver kiosk. 

By using renewable energy to recharge their smartphone packs, Lifesaver claims to save 13 grams of CO₂ per smartphone charge, when compared to fossil-fuel-sourced electricity.

Rail users can engage Nissan and Lifesaver at Waterloo until January 19th, then find the activation at London Victoria Station from the 20th to the 26th.

Archie Wilkinson, co-founder & CEO of Lifesaver said: "We are very excited to be working with Nissan and Network Rail in the UK's busiest train stations. Keeping commuters powered with a Lifesaver power bank is a small step to encourage more sustainable actions like switching to renewable energy at home or driving a Nissan LEAF."