Co-op launches Christmas ad featuring good causes

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by Josh Hall

The Co-op launched its Christmas campaign last night, featuring one of the good causes its members donate to.

The ad includes the BTM Brass Band, who have benefited from a donation from the Co-op's local communities fund.

One per cent of Co-op members' purchases of own-brand goods is automatically donated to the fund, which has supported over 4,000 causes to the tune of £17 million.

The ad was created by Lucky Generals, and was launched during last night's 'I'm A Celebrity…'

Kate Murphy, Creative Director at Lucky Generals, said: “This ad features a very small festive moment, but it touches on something much bigger, about giving to the community. As such, it really captures the true meaning of Christmas. And the band’s brilliant version of a quintessential Christmas song is the star on the tree.”

Ali Jones, Customer Director at Co-op, said: “Our Christmas ad shows the real and honest moments shared by our customers and members in the lead up to Christmas. As a convenience retailer, we’re often at the heart of the community and are proud to support so many local causes across the UK through the sale of our own-brand products and services at Christmas and all year round. This isn’t about grand, big-budget gestures but aims to show touching moments between families and the central role food plays in that while communicating that every time a Co-op product is bought, thousands of community groups receive funding.”