On The Beach's new Uncommon ad campaign features rock legend

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by Charlie Spargo

The new absurdist campaign from On The Beach features a selection of relaxed holidaymakers whose disastrous weeks have been narrated by Iggy Pop.

Created by Uncommon London, the campaign ‘Everything’s Better on the Beach’ is intended to speak to the power of that restful feeling of a beach, reflecting its "universal healing nature".

Three one-minute spots have been released - Uncommon's first work with On The Beach since winning the account - comprising simple visuals, individual closeups of three relaxed holidaygoers. Yet our stars Sally, Jessica and John have had the worst weeks of their lives.

These humorous clips summarise that a beach holiday can make even the unluckiest person in the world smile and sit back - even 'Jessica', whose story goes that she poisoned dozens with a cake she made for a charity fundraiser, and was later arrested.

Jessica | Everything's Better On The Beach

Moving on from their past mascot, a character with a sandcastle for a head, On The Beach has the unmissable tones of Iggy Pop narrating these new ads.

Uncommon Creative Studio's Co-founder, Nils Leonard, said: “The excellent team at On the Beach shared our ambition to really mess with a predictable category. One killer shot, with Iggy’s beautiful gravel over the top will stand out a mile in the clutter of Christmas.

"This campaign is all about creating the space to tell some properly naughty stories. Sometimes, words just win. You can do in a spoken story what you could never do in picture. It’s no secret that Uncommon have a love for Iggy, working with him to craft these beautifully rank stories for the excellent crew at on the beach was a joy.”

The campaign was shot by director Jeff Low, who also worked on the current Sipsmith ad campaign, and is accompanied by a spoof website to go with Sally's story of parental infidelity - thesuburbancowboys.com.

John | Everything's Better On The Beach

Sally | Everything's Better On The Beach