Marketers see return of consumer trust in brands - DMA

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by Mark Johnson

Just in time for Christmas, consumer trust in brands is gradually getting better, according to the latest research from the DMA.

The UK’s Data and Marketing Association has been highlighting some of the key findings from its research into GDPR, Brexit and customer trust from the ‘Data Privacy: An Industry Perspective 2019’ report.

Nearly half of marketers (49%) surveyed state that they believe consumer trust has improved in how brands handle their data.

Trust in marketing, too 

In addition, 46% state that trust has increased in brands and their marketing.

The new data privacy laws have clearly played a fundamental role in the reframing of a relationship between organisations and customers, based on trust and credibility.

“The key for brands is building trusted, authentic and transparent relationships with customers, always communicating that they are the businesses’ top priority”, said Tim Bond, Head of Insight, DMA.

“This strategy already appears to be paying dividends for some, but the future success of the data and marketing industry will be in making this the go-to solution for all organisations”. 

Brexit uncertainty prevails 

The majority of marketers (78%) still want the UK to retain access to the ‘Digital single market’ after Brexit, although this is down from 89% in September 2018’s study.

Moreover, compared with last year (51%), far more marketers (72%) seem to be concerned about the financial impact of any difficulties in exchanging data between the UK and the EU post-Brexit.

“With an eye on 2020 and beyond, GDPR should be seen as bringing welcome stability and legislative homogeneity as we build a new relationship with the EU and ensure we retain the free flow of data. 

“Whatever that relationship eventually looks like, marketers understand and are concerned about the impact of losing access to the ‘Digital Single Market’ on our industry,” added Bond.

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