Greenpeace bring sustainability message with Christmas 'roast'

Josh Hall's picture
by Josh Hall

Greenpeace has launched its Christmas campaign, which sees a comedy 'roast' between a turkey and a potato.

The ad is intended to highlight issues around sustainability, and particularly the environmental requirements of turkeys.

The charity estimates that land the size of Glasgow is required to farm the 10 million turkeys that are eaten by Brits during the festive season.

The ad was created by Nice and Serious.

Commenting on the campaign, Chiara Vitali, forest campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said: “In our film, Turkey is well and truly roasted. But let’s be clear, this isn’t all his fault. He’s not even that old - six months tops - so he doesn’t know any better.

“But the factory farms fattening turkeys for Christmas will know the feed they use is linked to forest destruction. Supermarkets do, too. Did you really want your roast with all those forest trimmings?"