YO! launch rebrand and new restaurant concepts

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by Josh Hall

Japanese restaurant chain YO!, previously known as YO! Sushi, have launched a complete rebrand as it aims to consolidate its position.

The new brand is intended to emphasise the "freshness, flavours, colours, and textures of Japanese food", and is designed to be used across multiple platforms and an entirely new portfolio.

Alongside new visual branding, design principles, and brand behaviours, the company has also launched three new restaurant concepts.

In partnership with independent consultancy Zag and architects Designtank, YO! is rolling out a new version of its popular Kaiten belt concept in Ashford, a "grab-and-perch" venue in White City, London, and a new location in Dublin inspired by 'Izakaya', a style of informal Japanese pub.

Aran Potkin, Managing Partner at Zag, commented: “YO! was the original innovator and fast-casual dining disruptor who brought radical new experiences to the UK 20 years ago. While the YO! brand was still strong, the company understood the need to engage with a new generation of consumers, looking for authentic and genuine food experiences.

"The exciting brand overhaul we undertook with YO! has touched on every aspect of the business from menu design to the steps of service, brand identity to the customer experience as well as completely new restaurant and dining concepts.” 

Luisa Fernandez, Marketing Director at YO!, added: “This is a really exciting time in YO!’s evolution, as we pivot to become a Japanese food brand with multiple propositions in a bid to raise the quality and availability of Japanese food across the globe.

"The renewed focus on fresh and vibrant Japanese food which will be enjoyed by customers across all our existing locations and new concept stores will help us remain relevant in the competitive fast-casual dining sector and attract new customers.”

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