Premier League launches next phase of anti-racism campaign

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by Josh Hall

The Premier League is set to unveil the next phase of its No Room For Racism Campaign, with new creative visible at all matches.

The new phase will be launched at every Premier League match tomorrow, and will continue until 27 October.

The campaign is around ongoing work conducted by clubs and the League to identify, investigate, and sanction racist fans. Those who are identified and sanctioned may also be encouraged to participate in rehabilitation programmes.

The Premier League is also investing in technology tools to help it drive racism out of the game, with senior stewards receiving training in new advanced CCTV systems.

The No Room For Racism campaign has also seen the launch of the Kick It Out app, designed to allow fans to report racist behaviour.

Commenting on the campaign, Premier League interim chief executive Richard Masters said: "Our fans share the belief that racism has no place in football or wider society, but discrimination still exists among a minority. We will not tolerate racism in any form and urge anybody who witnesses racist behaviour to report it.

"Tackling discrimination is a priority and we carry out a wide range of work in this area throughout the year. Education is crucial and our clubs run fantastic community programmes focused on informing thousands of children and young people about the importance of equality and inclusion. Off the pitch, we continue to review and improve reporting and sanctioning processes for offenders. And within the game we are committed to creating more pathways for black coaches.

"Premier League football brings together fans and players from all backgrounds for matches which are watched around the world. We are open to everyone and welcome all the supporters who bring passion, emotion and rivalry to create a positive matchday atmosphere, but we want to make it clear – there is no room for racism."

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