Microwave burger brand Rustlers release 72-minute arthouse film with Droga5

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by Josh Hall

Rustlers, the microwave burger company, have released a 72-minute film to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the hamburger.

The film, entitled 'The Seas Between Us', tells the story of the hamburger as personified by a German immigrant on his deathbed.

Shot in the style of German arthouse movement, and resembling Lars Von Trier's celebrated 'Dogville', the film sees the burger played by actor Paul Fasßnacht wearing a burger bun hat and collar.

As The Drum report, it includes the character telling a documentary maker about his struggle against the "bourgeois tools" of cutlery with the invention of a steak wrapped in a bun.

Watch a clip below, via The Drum:

The campaign was created by Droga5, who have also recently commissioned 'The Favourite' director Yorgos Lanthimos to make a short film for Mini in which the car brand does not feature at all.

Droga5's Dan Morris said: “The process of creating from scratch a legitimate piece of arthouse cinema was daunting enough. Then we realised, to be true to the idea of the hamburger being created in Germany, the film also had to be in German. Which none of us spoke.

"Some might say that it was an insane thing to undertake. Those people have obviously never worked on Rustlers."

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