McCann unveil 40,000 model veterans for Help For Heroes

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by Josh Hall

Help For Heroes have launched a new campaign made up of 40,000 model wounded veterans.

'40,000 Strong', created by McCann London, visualises new figures suggesting that 40,000 people have left the military as a result of injury over the past 20 years.

The models have been designed based on real-life veterans. According to Help For Heroes, many of the 40,000 that have left the military have since fallen through the cracks of support services.

The charity is asking for donations through their website, in exchange for which supporters will receive a boxed model from the exhibition.

The models are installed at Manchester's Arndale centre, and are accompanied by an online element produced in collaboration with Facebook.

Beth Miles, Fundraising and Marketing Director at Help for Heroes said: “Injuries have ended 40,000 military careers in 20 years and every day this number grows. Many of them tell us that their transition impacted significantly on their health, wellbeing and family.

“We are committed to ensuring all wounded veterans receive the support they deserve, so we have created a campaign to showcase the scale of the need, asking the Great British public and the Government to help the thousands of wounded veterans and their families falling through major gaps in support.”

Mike Oughton, Director of Copy at McCann added: “It’s been a pleasure working with Help for Heroes and Facebook on this project. Presenting wounded veterans as a force is about more than highlighting the scale of need. It’s about forty-thousand highly-trained individuals, who, with the public’s support, we can help to stand strong.”

Julie Seal, Creative Director at Facebook Shop added: “40,000 Strong, as part of the Hack 50 project with Campaign Magazine, exemplified the power of collaboration and technology for good causes. Brought to life with a 3d printed real-world exhibition and powerful videos telling the true stories of many of the individuals, and driving donations for Help for Heroes, this campaign worked with what our platforms are perfect for – the power of community.’’

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