JOE launches “Pioneers” business show for youth audiences

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by Mark Johnson

Multimedia group JOE Media is bringing business talk and entrepreneurialism to youth audiences across the UK, with its latest long form video and audio show, Pioneers. 

The show will be hosted by renowned business psychologist and former NBA basketball star John Amaechi OBE.

In partnership with Open Money and brokered by Wavemaker North, Pioneers aims to be a business show like no other, aimed at the next generation of business superstars. 

It will bring unfiltered one-on-one interviews with Britain’s brightest and best entrepreneurs, the dreamers who defied adversity and defined their industry. 

Initial first series guests include the founders of JustGiving, Propercorn, eBookers, Not On The High Street and many more.

The weekly series is recorded in a purpose-built studio in JOE’s London HQ in Clerkenwell. 

First show today 

Premiering today (Thursday, 3 Oct) on YouTube and all major podcast platforms, episode one is with Dinesh Dhamija, founder of Ebookers. Starting in a kiosk in Earls Court station, he built it into a global business that was worth close to a billion dollars at its peak. 

Selling for £274 million in 2005, Dhamija charts the rise and fall of his company, surviving the burst of the dot com bubble, and how he lost close to $700 million dollars on 11 September 2001.

“We’re very excited about adding Pioneers to our growing portfolio of shows and the opportunity to work with someone like John Amaechi, who’s so respected across the business community, was easy to jump at”, said Simon Clancy, Head of Programmes at JOE. 

Lessons on success and failure

“Our aim here is to tell the stories behind these multi-million-pound organisations, to find out what failure taught our guests about success and to answer some very probing questions about their work, and the responsibilities that go with it. 

“This isn’t just another stuffy business show, we’ve made this with JOE’s audience in mind and we want to inspire them with these incredible stories.”

John Amaechi commented: “My day job is helping businesses thrive through disruption so JOE’s proposition for Pioneers really appealed to me. 

Honest conversations

“Pioneers isn’t just “business” in the way it’s regularly talked about. It’s about having really honest conversations with influential people about their personal journey, their objectives, their purpose. 

“There are many ways to be a huge success and just one of the most interesting things we’ve learned is that failure is as integral to business success as the big wins are. 

“I really hope to inspire some budding entrepreneurs with this show.”

Individual achievements

Sarah Levy, Digital Client Director at Wavemaker North said: “Wavemaker champion positioning the consumer at the centre of all our campaign strategies. 

“We can bang the advertising drum until we’re blue in the face, but for a message to cut through effectively, we need to understand the triggers in people’s lives that open up the possibility to change or start a purchase behaviour. 

“This trigger could be as big as getting married, or it could be as small as the weather that afternoon. 

“In this instance, Wavemaker recognised that viewing inspiring content about individual achievements that have had huge life-changing effects is the perfect trigger moment for encouraging people to take stock of their finances and make a positive impact on their own lives too.”

Finance changing 

Emma Price, Head of Marketing at OpenMoney said: ‘’When the opportunity arose to partner with JOE on their Pioneers series, we knew it would be a great fit for our brand here at OpenMoney. 

“We are changing the way financial advice works for the everyday person. This partnership allows us to reach one of our primary audiences in a way that feels true to that mission - sitting alongside these huge, pioneering brands and entrepreneurs telling their inspiring stories of how they pioneered in their industry.’’

Building on JOE’s growing slate of original, long-form and multi-format productions, Pioneers is the latest of a number of new shows from JOE in 2019. 

Other shows include ‘Liquid Football’, ‘Swanny’s Cricket Show’, ‘House of Rugby’, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ with Russell Kane, and ‘TKO’ JOE’s boxing show hosted by world champion Carl Frampton. 

Viewers can watch Pioneers on JOE’s YouTube channel and IGTV, and listen on all major podcast platforms, with highlights from each episode going out across JOE’s social media channels. They can also follow all the action at #Pioneers on social media.

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